Agave montana

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Common name:  Mountain Agave


One of my favourite Agaves without question. Native to Nuevo León in northeastern Mexico, it grows up to 3500 m basically as an understorey plant in pine and oak forests, where the summers are cool and winters are cold. Snow, ice and subzero temperatures are the norm for these high hillsides and this Agave could reasonably be expected to survive -15°C! An Agave which is tolerant of wetter conditions that most provided the are planted in free draining soil. A montana is a relatively recent introduction to the UK from Nick Macer and Paul Spracklin in the early 2000’s and is rapidly becoming a favourite almong many succulent growers in the UK. A solitary Agave it produces large succulent spiky leaves with rosettes of apple-green thick, fleshy leaves, with beautiful pronounced patterns on their surfaces where the new leaves leave  their imprint on older leaves. Its an easy one to grow pup does not produce pups sadly


  • Hardiness: H4: hardy through most of the UK (-10 to -5) lower if conditions for them are right
  • Position/Aspect: Full sun or partial shade, free draining gritty gravelly soil. Excellent in a pot
  • Drought tolerance: Very good
  • Size: up to 90cm in height and 1.5m across
  • Seed grown at the Kent nursery: yes