Agave parryi var. huachucensis ‘Wakefield’

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Common name: Giant Huachuca Agave


A beautiful variation of parryi sp.huachucensis native to Cochise County, Arizona, just southeast from Tucson, where it grows in open oak and pine forest at elevations between 1500 and 2700m It has a larger, wider leaf than var. parryi and is slightly more tender, but still very cold hardy. This form from Wakefield, Arizona, grows much larger than typical Agave parryi var. huachucensis. 


  • Hardiness: H4: hardy through most of the UK (-10 to -5)
  • Position/Aspect: Full sun or partial shade, free draining gritty gravelly soil, rain shelter recommended in winter to keep looking pristine in colder regions. Will grow happily in a pot
  • Drought tolerance: Excellent
  • Size: When mature 60cm tall x 110cm wide
  • Seed grown at the Kent nursery: yes