Agave univittitata ‘Toothy’

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Common name: Unknown


A pretty, interesting, and quite variable species. A small growing Agave with dark green leaves and a pale green central stripe, each leaf tipped with a orange-brown terminal spine, and heavily armed light brown teeth on the leaf edges. Also known as A. heteracantha by some Europeans, and also A.lophantha… None of these are incorrect, but this is an especially toothy form of univittitata. Author and Agave expert Paul Spracklin has said the following on the species Some are very glossy green, some greyer. Close up inspection of the flower there were slight differences in the petals but not enough to worry about.  In nature the species is spread all the way down the eastern side of North America, from Texas to Veracruz in Mexico, so a bit of variation would be expected.  Also within ‘heteracantha’ clones there are differences – some offset like mad, some rarely.  Some are small, some large.


  • Hardiness: H4: hardy through most of the UK (-10 to -5)
  • Position/Aspect: Full sun or partial shade, free draining gritty gravelly soil. Makes an excellent pot plant and will happily grow on a bright windowcill.
  • Drought tolerance: Excellent
  • Size: Clumping to over 60cm across over several years
  • Seed grown at the Kent nursery: yes