Trachycarpus princeps ‘new form’ seeds (available in UK and US only)

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A form of princeps collected from habitat and was thought to be seed collected from the Stonegate form, it quickly transpired that it was not as it germinated readily and had wider initial leaves and also grows much faster. The plants are somewhat variable but do share strong princeps traits with silvery undersides to the thick and large leathery leaves, the fast growth has lead some to beleive that its a natural hybrid with T.nova, but this is a cross I have made and I can confirm this is not the case.. It is certainly one for any collection, and I am very pleased to be able to offer new form x new form here, and hopefully over the coming years

I have very few available and currently only available in UK, EU and US

These are fresh seeds collected March 2024, so get them whilst they are fresh.