Yucca madrensis

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Common name: Soco Yucca

A favorite of mine at the nursery. A stunning rare trunking Yucca grown from seed I obtained from the Dragoon Mountain range in Arizona where it is found mainly in Pine and Oak forest on steep, rocky slopes. It looks similar to Yucca schotti, a much sought after for its cold hardiness, but stays slightly smaller. Yucca madrensis usually forms a short,trunk tcarrying a dense crown of stiff, powdery blue-grey leaves. Its just a fantastic thing!


  • Hardiness  Broadly untested in the UK but I know of a specimen that has taken below -10c so H5: hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters (-15 to -10) possibly much lower if dry
  • Position/Aspect  Full sun and tolerates partial shade
  • Drought tolerance  Very good
  • Size Up to 2.5 meters solitary trunk
  • Grown at the Kent nursery Yes!